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A stud walks into a bar…

A little scene built for New Elementary to showcase a new part for 2017 Plate 1X1 Round W/3.2 Shaft/1,5 Hole a.k.a. the “Stud with Bar” (Design ID 32828) .

A Stud Walks into a Bar

Some are thinking it looks like the Coffee filter basket on an espresso machine.

You can read more about this new part on New Elementary


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Nexogon Ball

I spent last weekend with Tim Johnson from New Elementary at Bricktastic in Manchester. I couldn’t resist building my own BIGGER and more colourful NexoBALL after playing with his ball made from Nexogons (Part 27255) all weekend.

It’s like a LEGO stress ball!

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Mark Stafford Killed Teal

LEGO Colour 107 , Dark Turquoise or Teal is a lovely colour.

Mark Stafford Killed Teal

Mark’s first set as a LEGO designer, was the Exo-Force Dark Panther. He had the choice of making it in either Purple or Teal, and whichever colour he chose, the other would be cut from the LEGO colour palette.

Obviously he chose purple…so Mark Stafford Killed Teal.

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How do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?


How do you like your LEGO hotdog?

There are a few different ‘flavours’ or ‘cooked states’ of LEGO hotdog now.

Sand Blue – frozen

Flesh – raw

Red – cooked

Dark Red – well done

Black – burnt to a crisp.

 Forget the steak, how do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?

Now LEGO just need to make some wholemeal hotdog buns 🙂

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Miro Dudas shares his LEGO Princess Leia instructions

Miro Dudas is a talented LEGO builder who generously shared instructions to build his pose-able Princess Leia character.

Build your own Leia & R2-D2

If you click on his image above, it will take you to the original Flickr image where Miro shared the instructions. R2D2 is also available for a very small fee if you want to complete the duo and let the hugs commence!


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The Special Relationship

The Special relationship

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, otherwise known as ‘Trump’s Maggie’ met with President Trump on Friday 27th Jan 2017 in the Oval Office at the White House. Their Special relationship status was denoted by the table prepared with a single red rose from the ever charming President Trump. Soon it was time to exchange gifts.

Thankfully Theresa (or Tessie FooFoo as Trump likes to call her) arrived prepared with her gift – a Quaich, a Scottish silver drinking dish that is a symbol of friendship and trust.

In return, Trump gave her a nice shiny black rifle to protect herself from all the immigrants entering Europe. What a gent!

God Bless Help America 😉