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How do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?


How do you like your LEGO hotdog?

There are a few different ‘flavours’ or ‘cooked states’ of LEGO hotdog now.

Sand Blue – frozen

Flesh – raw

Red – cooked

Dark Red – well done

Black – burnt to a crisp.

 Forget the steak, how do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?

Now LEGO just need to make some wholemeal hotdog buns 🙂


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Classic ET & Elliot Moon Creation



My take on the classic moment from the movie  ET when Elliot and ET cycle across the face of the moon (thanks to some ET flying abilities).

NB. The ET ‘figure’ is temporary as a custom one from will take his place 🙂

I love that film.

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Charlie Chaplin Vignette 24 Oct 15

Charlie Chaplin is a favourite of mine. Using this monochrome minifigure as a basis for Lego vingettes allows textures to be highlighted due to the minimal colour palate.  There is always an anticipation of “something is about to happen” in a Charlie Chaplin scene….

Cat is ambitiously eyeing up a jump onto the roof – always good to aim high.


Built for to showcase their lovely detailed Charlie Chaplin minifigure. They have some printing plans for the tiles and signs so there are a few blank parts at the moment (eg the sign above the shop door).

Charlie Chaplin figure by the lovely chaps at