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Weegie Duke of Wellington 01 Jan 16

Outside of the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, you will find a statue on a plinth.  The statue is of the Duke of Wellington on his horse. Almost invariably, you will also see that the Duke is sporting an orange traffic cone as a hat.

As a Glaswegian, I know that this is not a sign of disrespect, but a show of affection for the statue while also representing a bit of “Glasgow humour”. In the past there have been numerous attempts to stop the ‘vandalism’ but as soon as the police or council workers remove the cone, another appears. Sometimes the horse is also given a cone as if to say….take one traffic cone away and we will return it two-fold!



I love this statue and it’s cone. Whenever I go home I take a photograph even though I have hundreds like it 🙂




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Classic ET & Elliot Moon Creation



My take on the classic moment from the movie  ET when Elliot and ET cycle across the face of the moon (thanks to some ET flying abilities).

NB. The ET ‘figure’ is temporary as a custom one from will take his place 🙂

I love that film.

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Heathrow Pod Parking Terminal 5 Display 10 Jul 15

Heathrow Pod Parking Terminal 5 Display

Heathrow Pod Parking Terminal 5

A business car park specifically for those flying from Terminal 5. Transfer to the terminal is easy – just call up the new revolutionary Heathrow pod, which takes four to six minutes.

At the moment my Heathrow T5 travel PODs are in the Lego Store at Westfield, Stratford.

The ribbon display does make it harder to take a photograph but I did spot some kids checking out the minifigures and vehicles whilst I was filling a PAB cup.


Thanks to Gary Davis aka Bricks for Brains ( as utilised his POD creation to develop the opened door and minifig sized PODs.

Custom printed Heathrow Pod sign by

Custom ‘L plate’ by