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Creating A Monster 12 March 16

The Arvo Brothers Alien Project – complete


My finished model of Arvo Brothers Alien Project, their latest instruction book. At 51cm tall, this is not going to be a desktop buddy. Looks awesome and some very nice shaping techniques and SNOT used by the Arvo Brothers.

Sorry the tail is slightly bent, my bad and nothing to do with the design…I think I just bent it lifting her off the shelf as my cat was very, very interested in her and seemed intent on tripping me up!

The book is available from their website

You can see my review on TBB here:…


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Arvo Brothers – Alien Project Review. 20 Jan 16

Alien Project by The Arvo Brothers

The Arvo Brothers (Ramon & Amador Alfaro Marcilla) have recently released their second book called Alien Project. It costs €26 + shipping and can be purchased via the Arvo Brothers website. The main bulk of the book contains detailed instructions for building their fantastic Alien figure and its base. There are also chapters explaining the inspiration behind the project and a rare insight into the development of a model of this calibre. Below is my review of the book.

ALIEN Project Book - Cover

See the full review on The Brother Brick: