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Nightmare Before Christmas Custom Set 19 Nov 15

I built this custom set for someone to display their Jack Skellington minifigure.  It’s the classic scene when Jack stands on the hilltop and overlooks the pumpkin patch.

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Just needs the Jack Skellington minifigure in position now:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 13.51.06



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Lego Thank you Card & Christmas Card 05 Jan 15

Lego Thank you Card 2014

This years thank you card to go to our friends and family who gave presents and hosted us over the festive period. My partner Helen (Spanish) in the club chair ‘supervising’, Bella the Norwegian Forest cat is nearby and me…working hard as usual making the thank you card.

Thank you Card no border

Snoozing Festive Cat LEGO Christmas Card 2014

This years Christmas Card design.  I should mention that my cat, Bella, is a large black Norwegian Forest Cat – more of a panther really!!

Snoozing cat Christmas Card 2014