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Don’t Be Sad, Another Needy Child Wants Your LEGO 26 Oct 15

Needy Child

Seems to me the whole point of the ‘recent’ decision (well in Sept) was to drum up publicity for Ai Weiwei and his upcoming build and it has been achieved – I don’t dislike him for it, I admire that he has achieved his aim. He’s an awesome artist and campaigner.

The ‘banned’ from using LEGO or ‘refusing to supply’ is related to a direct bulk order from a LEGO Certified Professional. Not many people direct buy in bulk from LEGO and, as a business, it’s their right to limit what this is used for…want to build a 50ft Christmas tree in a city – okay, want to make a political statement – not okay.

He can walk into any LEGO store and buy as many bricks as he likes, or Megablocks or Kreo or whatever else kind of bricks. What he actually wants is media attention, publicity and controversy and he wouldn’t get that by walking into a shop and buying LEGO or Megablocks for that matter.

His media campaign has been well done and it has worked thus far, I’m just surprised that anyone thinks that a toy manufacturer should be upholding his right to freedom of speech, he can do that himself (as he has proven in the past) without help from LEGO. If people want to send him their LEGO then that’s up to them.  I love his work so I look forward to seeing what he creates!

Idea by Tim from and built by me 🙂

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