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Mark Stafford Killed Teal

LEGO Colour 107 , Dark Turquoise or Teal is a lovely colour.

Mark Stafford Killed Teal

Mark’s first set as a LEGO designer, was the Exo-Force Dark Panther. He had the choice of making it in either Purple or Teal, and whichever colour he chose, the other would be cut from the LEGO colour palette.

Obviously he chose purple…so Mark Stafford Killed Teal.


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How do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?


How do you like your LEGO hotdog?

There are a few different ‘flavours’ or ‘cooked states’ of LEGO hotdog now.

Sand Blue – frozen

Flesh – raw

Red – cooked

Dark Red – well done

Black – burnt to a crisp.

 Forget the steak, how do you like your LEGO hotdog cooked?

Now LEGO just need to make some wholemeal hotdog buns 🙂

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Mr Bean and his MINI with Building Instructions 17 Feb 16

I’ve been waiting to get the mop head since CMF series 15 came out just to give it to Mr Bean.

Teddy – check

Mr Bean – check

Lime mini – check

MOP HEAD – yay check.

I love Mr Bean and this is probably my favourite scene 🙂

Mr Bean & his Mini

Instructions for the Mini are here:

Mr Bean's Mini Instructions

Mr Bean is a custom minifigure by

NB. it was built for looks rather than play as the round 1×1 presses on the wheel if you push it in too far. oops

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I have a dream… 04 Feb 16

I have a dream

23rd August 1963.

Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, Martin Luther King Jr calls for an end to racisim in the defining moment of the American Civil Rights Movement.

The view behind shows 250,000 civil rights supporters with the Washington Memorial in the distance.

Original image…

Martin Luther King Jr is a new custom minifigure by

Hair is part 21778 and is exclusive to Finn at the moment I think.


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Classic ET & Elliot Moon Creation



My take on the classic moment from the movie  ET when Elliot and ET cycle across the face of the moon (thanks to some ET flying abilities).

NB. The ET ‘figure’ is temporary as a custom one from will take his place 🙂

I love that film.

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Preparing for POTUS 25 Oct 15

This creation was built for for their custom President of the United States – Barrack Obama minifigure.Barrack Obama

Sadly I don’t actually have the minifigure at the moment so I have had to settle for Betty the Cleaner, vacuuming and polishing in preparation for POTUS return to the Oval Office.

 Preparing for POTUS

Based on this image as each President changes the decoration a bit apparently:

Round tile should really be reddish brown rather than dark tan but I didn’t have a single one in my collection. It just needs an Eagle on there now!

Sorry to my US friends, I know I am missing rather a lot of stars on the Stars & Stripes!

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Rupert the Bear-Knuckle Fighter 22 Oct 15

Rupert The Bear-Knuckle Fighter

Rupert the Bear

So it turns out that Rupert Bear is not really made for ‘bare-knuckle’ fighting. I mean look at those black eyes and bruised ears…..

Okay so I used the Panda head but as soon as I saw the new Trickster minifigure and those yellow tartan trousers, all I could think about was Rupert Bear!

I appreciate that not everyone will know Rupert Bear but he was a character created by an English artist called Mary Tourtel in 1920 originally. Rupert Bear was “a loveable little fellow who would gaily pass time picking flowers and playing with his chums” e.g.

The bare-knuckle champion’s custom torso is from Citizen Brick…wish I could have captured his awful back hair ha ha.