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San Diego Comic Con Exclusive – Alternative. 20 Jul 15

So Allen Tran very kindly opened up his SDCC Exclusive Superman set and uploaded the instructions – Thanks Allen 🙂

I had quite a few of the parts, just not in the right colour or ‘exactly’ the right minifig.

Turns out Superman was busy but Wonder Woman was happy to put her coffee down and get into the position!


Based on the official set as seen here:

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 16.37.54


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Ba na na na na POW!?!? for Fairy Bricks 18 Jul 15

Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 10.04.20

Two of these little Batminions have been built for Fairy Bricks and the upcoming Bricktastic Show. The Hairy Fairy must have a cunning plan for them, I think perhaps a prize of some sort.

This superhero Batminion had been developed from Jeffery Kong’s awesome original Lego Minion. Jeffery Kong/Artisian Bricks Singapore.

This is version II of the Batminion which is a little sturdier in the cowl and chest department to survive the touch of children!!

Ba na na na na POW!?!?