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Mr Bean and his MINI with Building Instructions 17 Feb 16

I’ve been waiting to get the mop head since CMF series 15 came out just to give it to Mr Bean.

Teddy – check

Mr Bean – check

Lime mini – check

MOP HEAD – yay check.

I love Mr Bean and this is probably my favourite scene 🙂

Mr Bean & his Mini

Instructions for the Mini are here:

Mr Bean's Mini Instructions

Mr Bean is a custom minifigure by

NB. it was built for looks rather than play as the round 1×1 presses on the wheel if you push it in too far. oops


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Betty’s Vacuum Cleaner Instructions 25 Oct 15

Betty is POTUS’ cleaner and she is keen to demonstrate the simplicity of her LEGO vaccum cleaner.

No excuses, now you can have your LEGO office as pristine as the Oval Office!

Betty Vacuum Instructions

Betty Vacuum Instructions


PS I know I had the ‘droid body’ the other way up in the Oval Office photograph but on reflection I thought maybe it was more of a vacuum cleaner shape reversed…

I’m not sure which way is best now.

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SDCC Superheroes Exclusive – Superman – Instructions. 13 Jul 15

Allen T has very kindly uploaded photographs of the complete building instructions for the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Set

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 16.37.54You can see them on his Flickr photostream here:

I’ve made a PDF of the instructions as Flickr photographs are not always easy to use

SDCC Superheroes Exclusive Building Instructions 2015


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Instructions for Lego Wheeled Suitcase 08 Jul 15

A wheeled suitcase for those well travelled Lego minifigures who don’t want to be so uncouth as to carry their bag (or as I call them Wheely Suitcase)

Wheeled Suitcase for those well seasoned travellers

Wheeled Suitcase for those well seasoned travellers

Instructions (as someone messaged to ask) are here:


2 x 85861 Plate, Round 1 x 1 with Open Stud

3 x 3023 Plate 1 x 2

1 x 48336 Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with closed end Handle

1 x 2540 Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with open end Handle

2 x 11477 Slope, Curved 2 x 1 No Studs