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Lego Back to the Future Courthouse photographs

LEGO Back to the Future Courthouse

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Photographs by Daniel Jamieson aka MacroLegoUniverse.

Hill Valley Courthouse Set built by me – Elspeth De Montes.

Custom clockface and custom Doc minifigure by Andy Watts at

MacroLegoUniverse shot the stopmotion animation at Brick 2014 in London.

Check out the final movie on the front page of


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LEGO Back to the Future – IT”S HERE!!

Last year I was contacted to ask if I would build the courthouse from Back to the Future for a LEGO version.

As is turns out, the plan was to shoot the entire penultimate scene in an exact Lego replica of the original movie.

By the time Brick 2014 arrived, my part in the project was over after about 5 months of a gradually enlarging set of LEGO Back to the Future was moved from my living room to the London Excel Centre.  Andy Watts from minifigforlife made the custom clock face and the custom Doc minifigure while Warren Elsmore kindly lent me a lot of grey bricks to raise the set up a brick height!

Vicky Smith and Daniel Jamieson painstakingly took photo after photo during the show. Their colleague Chris Hetherington was involved in some of the technical wizardry such as the fire and the lightening plus the opening and closing credits.

I am absolutely amazed by the process and all the post production work and very excited to present Macro Lego Universe’s version of the penultimate scene of Back to the Future.