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The LEGO Da Vinci Code WIP in honour of Brickflicks 14 Feb 16

Part of the final scene in The Da Vinci code when Robert Langdon puts 2 and 2 together and makes..well…an implausible theory regarding the final resting place of the Holy Grail.

Robert Langdon walks past the Louvre and the glass pyramid where I snapped this quick shot like any good paparazzi. He then takes a poignant, dramatic pause at the glass ceiling before kneeling in prayer? Best part is the music.

272A1030 (1)

I’m starting a short brickfilm of the final scene of The Da Vinci Code in celebration of BrickFlicks.

Warren Elsmore’s BrickFlicks Exhibition is currently on show at The St Enoch’s Centre in Glasgow. Brick Flicks brings to life much-loved movies by recreating them in Lego and features everything from sci-fi and drama to action blockbusters. The exhibition runs from Friday 12th February until 18th April and will showcase everything from family favourites Wayne’s World, Wizard of Oz and West Side Story to Tron and The Godfather.

I also wanted to play with the new Brickstuff pico lights I bought. I wish had the new receding hairline hair that comes with Peter Venkman in the Ghostbusters Dimensions Level set for Robert.

For more information about BrickFlicks at St Enoch Centre in Glasgow, please visit or call 0141 204 3900.



Weegie Duke of Wellington 01 Jan 16

Outside of the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, you will find a statue on a plinth.  The statue is of the Duke of Wellington on his horse. Almost invariably, you will also see that the Duke is sporting an orange traffic cone as a hat.

As a Glaswegian, I know that this is not a sign of disrespect, but a show of affection for the statue while also representing a bit of “Glasgow humour”. In the past there have been numerous attempts to stop the ‘vandalism’ but as soon as the police or council workers remove the cone, another appears. Sometimes the horse is also given a cone as if to say….take one traffic cone away and we will return it two-fold!



I love this statue and it’s cone. Whenever I go home I take a photograph even though I have hundreds like it 🙂



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Old Maryhill Work in Progress

Maryhill, an area of Glasgow, was the place that I grew up in until leaving for university – but not going far 🙂

Maryhill Road used to have trams that would fun all the way to the city centre – this was well before my time.  My Dad had an old painting or photograph (I can’t remember which) in the hallway that depicted a Maryhill tram going under the aqueduct right outside out house. His photograph was very similar to the image below .  Our house was to the left of the photograph where you see the two bollards, there was a gate and our house was up the path.  This photograph shows an area that is very well known to me although the houses opposite were grassland up towards the canal and started about 100 further to the right before the bridge when I was young.

Maryhill Tram AqueductAt the moment I have only just started the tram and the general layout for the Maryhill Aqueduct so lots more to do…


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Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow – Complete 02 Jul 14

Wooohoo.  I have completed GoMA including Wellington and his unofficial headgear.

If you have never seen it then the real GoMA can be seen here:

It is in Royal Exchange Square in Glasgow, Scotland and really is a lovely building. Wellington and his unofficial ‘headgear’ is part of the Glasgow charm….



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Gallery of Modern Art – Glasgow 26 June 14

Gallery of Modern Art - Glasgow

Gallery of Modern Art – Glasgow


My current work-in-progress is a build of the Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow.  The horse proved tricky and it’s still a little too large for the building size but….1.5x minifig size was causing problems 🙂

See the real building and Wellington with his infamous headgear –