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Greeble Union Jack 02 May 15

Greebles: Pseudo-technical detail added to a LEGO creation to enhance its appearance. Frequently seen in LEGO space and mecha creations.

The Flag of Great Britain with the three colours of the Union…Red, White and Blue. (places right hand on heart in a dramatic fashion ). Note the cup of tea central to being British!

Greeble Challenge Union Jack

Legohaulic has started Greeble de Mayo Challenge here:

” Week 1 Challenge May 1st – May 10th

– Your greebles must be comprised of 3 different colors

– Your greebles may not use any gray colors.

– Your greeble must fit within an 8x8x8 area. You are free to build a 1 stud ‘frame’ around you greebled area.”