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The Latest Exercise Fad 1966 vs 2016

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The Latest Exercise Fad 1966 vs 2016

Doris still felt somewhat shaky when reminiscing about the Vita-Master Vibratory Belt Massager…it was certainly vigorous!

A balance board, a Nunchuk and an obstacle course involving huge swinging canon balls…nowadays achieving fitness seemed fraught with danger.

Meet Doris

On the left it is 1966 and she is a young vibrant lady in touch with the latest fashion, technology and trends.

On the right, time has passed and it is 2016 and Doris has to cope with new technology, innovation and the changes in society.

Fourth in a series of builds called Then & Now for Bricks magazine, a LEGO magazine :

The first in the series was Taking Out the Trash

The second in the series was Reception Issues

The third in the series was Playing in the Park


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