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The Average American Basement 12 Apr 16


How the average British person imagines the average American’s basement…

 The Average American Basement

Sometimes, journalism really does encourage stereotypes. There has been a great deal about America’s gun laws, failed gun control and the pilgrim fathers’ statement about “the right to bear arms” in the news. Add in a little mass shooting and suddenly every American has at least an assault rifle in their basement.

I’m British. I’ve been in America quite a few times but I guess I missed out on seeing the average American basement. I think this guy is probably from the South…he looks a bit confused by my humour…or humor 😉

Lovely collection of Brick Arms weapons is actually a WWII collection from

…I’m so inaccurate I know….




6 thoughts on “The Average American Basement 12 Apr 16

  1. Add in a few bows, crossbows, airsoft guns, BB guns, paintball guns, pellet guns, a few dozen knives, and a gun safe. Then you have the type of American that I and many others are.
    There are plenty of Americans that haven’t ever held a gun.

    • Yes, I’ll redo it and change a few things! I’ve been advised on Flickr by my US commentators that I should swap the pepsi for a beer, let his gut hang out in all it’s splendor and add a bit of a mess to that basement ha ha…do you reckon a cross bow is overkill?? 🙂

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