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Greebled Union Jack

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I was asked to build a gift for my Lego User Group (LUG), The Brickish Association, to present to the CEE Team during a visit to Billund. The Union Jack is the British flag and I thought I could use a technique called ‘greebling’ to add some very ‘British’ detail. Greebling is a technique used give texture and complexity to a build through the use of intricate, detailed parts – it is fun but can be fiddly at times.

The umbrella was a central point as we are naturally obsessed with the weather and is a common conversational subject if you are lost for words. I wanted to highlight some very British inventions such as the vacuum cleaner and the telephone but also give some nods to our culture, the Tardis of Dr Who fame, the picnic, Robin Hood and his quiver full of arrows, a guitar representing our musical heritage and lots of cups of tea.
The flag even has a mapping effect for the UK. London in the South East of the flag has a red bus and a London Eye whilst Cornwall over in the South West has beaches famous for their surfing and life guard requirements. The north has a more industrial feel in the blue area with a bike placed over Yorkshire where the Tour De France held their Grand Depart in 2014.
If you can see the croissant, that’s where you head to take the Channel Tunnel over to France…
Take a closer look and see just how many different parts you can spot…


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