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Rupert the Bear-Knuckle Fighter 22 Oct 15

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Rupert The Bear-Knuckle Fighter

Rupert the Bear

So it turns out that Rupert Bear is not really made for ‘bare-knuckle’ fighting. I mean look at those black eyes and bruised ears…..

Okay so I used the Panda head but as soon as I saw the new Trickster minifigure and those yellow tartan trousers, all I could think about was Rupert Bear!

I appreciate that not everyone will know Rupert Bear but he was a character created by an English artist called Mary Tourtel in 1920 originally. Rupert Bear was “a loveable little fellow who would gaily pass time picking flowers and playing with his chums” e.g.

The bare-knuckle champion’s custom torso is from Citizen Brick…wish I could have captured his awful back hair ha ha.


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